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Out Now! RED CAIN Releases Wheel of Time Inspired Album "NÄE'BLISS"

Calgary, Canada's Red Cain is unveiling their latest third full-length “NÄE'BLISS”, now available as of June 2nd, 2023. The album is a homage to the legendary world of American author Robert Jordan's fantasy epic "The Wheel of Time" (novel/TV series).

With a grimdark edge, down-tuned guitars, death and power prog metal influences, and an unrelenting march forward, "NÄE'BLISS" is a foray into the reverse side of the Wheel of Time story - that of the Forsaken, antagonists, instruments of the Great Lord of the Dark, and the brutal and captivating allure of letting Chaos reign supreme.

The band comments on the release of “NAË’BLISS”:

"A labour of love and technique, this record is much more stripped down, aggressive, and heavier than our previous releases - while retaining the unique Red Cain sound. With virtuoso guitarist Samuel Ridout and backup vocalist Kalie Yan joining the band, we cracked the gates into tech-death and prog, using bands like Tesseract and Meshuggah as inspiration - and veering heavily into death metal with vocals and arrangements. The result, combined with our conceptual homage to the fantasy series Wheel of Time, brings us back to our musical roots and delivers the most honest and intense Red Cain album yet. Enjoy!"

“NAË’BLISS” can be heard in full at the following links:


The band explains in further detail about choosing the Wheel of Time concept:

“We are all massive fantasy fans, and for us, Wheel of Time rubs shoulders with LOTR as a genre-defining epic fantasy series that started it all. The world of the Wheel is a brutal, compelling world with multitudes of fascinating characters, and we were particularly interested in exploring its more visceral aspects - an area that begs to be paired with heavy metal. We’ve seen some of our musical icons, like Blind Guardian, successfully go down this path, and it was magnificent to see new musical interpretations of those stories spun out by them - not to mention some bloody good fun. Now, it is our turn to ride forward in another turn of the Wheel. Enjoy!"

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