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  • Jason Hesley

Out Now! Journey Into The Power Metal Abyss With JUDICATOR’s New EP “I Am The Void”

Strap on your bullet belts and gird up your loins as American power metal stalwarts, Judicator, blaze a trail with their latest offering, the thunderous EP “I Am The Void”. After eleven years of unwavering dedication, numerous time zones, and resilient camaraderie, Judicator emerges once again, wielding a sonic sword that pierces the very fabric of the human experience.

The band comments:

“‘I am the Void’ will scratch the itch of two different kinds of Judicator fans. Those who like the new direction of Judicator will enjoy the title track, while those who prefer our older “Cordisco-era” catalog will like “The Curse of Feanor.” There’s something in this EP for everyone.”

Having traversed a discography that spans a decade, Judicator's journey has been marked by releases such as “King of Rome”, “The Last Emperor”, and “Let There Be Nothing”. The artwork, a crucial visual counterpart to their sonic tapestry, is once again crafted by the talented Marc Whisnant, known for his work on “The Last Emperor” and “The Majesty of Decay'”. The EP was produced by John Yelland, mixed by Carlos Alvarez at Dirty Viking Audio, and mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima at Tower Studio; the artwork was done by Marc Whisnant.

Lyrically, Judicator continues their exploration of profound themes, grappling with subjects as weighty as cancer, relationships, and mortality. A common thread weaves through all their albums—an unwavering commitment to delving into the human heart and condition. “I Am The Void” is recommended for fans of Iron Savior, Helion Prime, and Blind Guardian.

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