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Out Now! Cabrakaän Presents Mexican Folklore With Modern Melodic Metal On New Album “Aztlán”

Cabrkaaän was formed in 2011 by drummer Marko Cipäktli and vocalist Pat Cuikani who are both from Toluca, Mexico, and are currently based in Canada. They work with indigenous Mexican artists to incorporate authentic pre-Hispanic instruments like ocarinas, flutes, percussion instruments, and more in their dramatic, melodic music.

Their latest work is “Aztlán”, a thematic album, with 12 tracks that each represent a different facet of their cultural story. The theme is centered on the Spanish conquest - colonization and the defeat of Mexico’s Aztec empire, Tenochtitlán. The band shares their excitement for the release:

“We hope that you’re as excited as we are for Aztlán! This album is incredibly close to our hearts, and we hope that you can hear it. It’s a part of us. It represents our perseverance to continue onward with our music despite countless challenges and setbacks. It gave us the opportunity to create something important and beautiful and to share a piece of our culture with the world. We hope you find something in our music that resonates with you. Our hearts and souls are intertwined with Aztlán. We can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve created.”

On this album, you’ll find that Cabrkaaän’s new sound is an evolved, matured version of their familiar style: Folkloric elements, enchanting orchestral arrangements, operatic vocals, and heavy sounds. For “Aztlán”, Cipäktli developed orchestral elements and arrangements with the audience in mind. He says that he wants the audience to feel the message through the music, and that orchestration always adds a different atmosphere and a layer of emotion for the listener to feel and gain something valuable from.

As a whole, “Aztlán” tells different stories from Mexican history, as you will see in the lyrics and track listing. They especially focused on percussion as it is one of civilization’s first musical instruments. The album is recommended for fans of Maria Grever, Linda Ronstadt, and Megadeth.

“Aztlán” is now available as of November 17, 2023, at and Spotify.

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