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  • Jason Hesley

Out Next Week: Face of Korruption!

Message From the Label:

"4 tracks of unrelenting, slamming, and brutal death metal, this project is the brainchild of vocalist Crust and is an intensely personal work. This album details the horrors of drug addiction and its horrific misery and hopelessness from Crust's personal point of view. Each chug and guttural are just another bleak consequence laid upon the listener from the effects of a nihilistic drug addiction. This album will not let up for the duration of its four gruesome tracks with riff after riff of crushing death metal, and only at the very end will one see a glimmer of hope and hope to escape the ravenous cycle as Crust did. There is nothing more brutal and bleaker than real life, and this short and sweet demo shows that in true form."

- Malevolent Sound

About the Album

Brutal death metal and slam are often written off by many in the metal world as being “knuckle dragging” or “monotonous” or “simplistic” but often, that simply isn’t the case. The genres in fact showcase a high level of technicality, groove and creativity. Moreso though, they allow the artist to simply have fun with the music, regardless of what anyone thinks of the outcome.

Face of Korruption is a shining example of this often-missed truth. The project gives us a perfect blend of technicality and underlying groove that will both assault the listener and have them headbanging along like a madman. It’s this blend of elements that ensures that things never feel dull over the demo’s brief 11-minute runtime. The band also defy some of the genres’ more standard conceptual conventions, choosing to focus on drug addiction, depression, social isolation and nihilism, rather than gore, horror or sci-fi. This makes the album a very real release for its creator Crust, who writes this music from lived personal experience.

The album is chocked full of stupidly groovy yet crushingly heavy downtuned riffs, accompanied by unrelenting drum work. Powering through this mix are deeply guttural brutal death metal style vocals, that feel as much like an instrument as they do a vocal performance. However, the lyrics buried beneath these monstrous utterances are deeply personal and highly raw.

So, I beg of you, if you are one of those people who writes off brutal death metal or slam then allow this album to be the one that changes your mind. However, if you’re already a fan of both genres then you’re going to love this album. It’s a bite sized offering that packs the punch of a far longer album. So, play it loud, play it proud and annoy the hell out of your neighbours.

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