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  • Jason Hesley

ORTHODOX Releases Incendiary New Single "The Other Side Of The Nail"

ORTHODOX, Nashville's metallic hardcore luminaries, have unleashed their latest single, "The Other Side Of The Nail", a track that encapsulates the band's raw energy and unyielding spirit. Following the acclaimed success of their album Learning to Dissolve, ORTHODOX continues to push the boundaries of the hardcore genre, melding intricate guitar work with the visceral intensity for which they've become renowned. Stream the new single HERE.


Adam Easterling, ORTHODOX's formidable frontman, shared insights into the band's latest offering: "We've been sitting on this song since we finished recording 'Learning to Dissolve' back in 2021. Leaving it off the tracklist was a hard decision to make, but we feel this song packs its own punch without having an album around it. It's only fitting that this is finally releasing just four days before we head back to Randy in New Jersey to start tracking the next LP."

The release of "The Other Side Of The Nail" is not just a single drop in the ocean; it's a harbinger of the electrifying performances that await fans on ORTHODOX's upcoming tour in support of BOUNDARIES in May, as well as acting as a bridge between Learning To Dissolve and their next opus. The tour promises to be a monumental journey across several key cities, showcasing the band's explosive live show and the dynamic range of their latest material.

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