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  • Jason Hesley

Ofermod, Black Altar and Acherontas Join Forces For A Monumental Split!

Odium Records is thrilled to announce that pre-orders for the eagerly awaited split "Drakonian Elitism" featuring Ofermod, Black Altar, and Acherontas, are now live. This tantalizing collaboration, slated for release in September / October this year, is devoted to the Draconian current and promises to take the realm of Orthodox Black Metal by storm.

Comprising ten brand-new, soul-stirring anthems spanning approximately 53 minutes, this split offers an exclusive deep-dive into each band's unique interpretation of Black Metal. Be among the first to secure your copy and merchandise at: or

"Drakonian Elitism" will be made available in a variety of formats including:

  • De luxe Wooden Box: Limited to 100 copies. Contains Die Hard Red 2LP, digi pack CD, tape, T-shirt, incense, and a certificate.

  • Die Hard Red 2LP: Gatefold, 180gsm with graver, booklet, and A2 poster. Limited to 100 copies.

  • Black 2LP: Gatefold, Red, 180gsm with graver, booklet, and A2 poster.

  • CD: 8-panel digi pack with 16-page booklet.

  • Tape: 2 sides printed, limited to 100 copies.

  • Digital: For the modern music enthusiast.

  • T-shirt / Longsleeve: For fans to show their support.

Renowned artist Daniele Valeriani meticulously crafted the cover artwork, manifesting the aura of the split in a visual masterpiece.

The split tracklist is as follows:

  1. Ofermod – Intro

  2. Ofermod – Vinum Sabbathi

  3. Ofermod – Agios Ischyros Belial

  4. Ofermod – Atavistic Chants of Levitation

  5. Black Altar – Via Draconis

  6. Black Altar – In the Labyrinths of Sithra Achra

  7. Black Altar – The Oracle of Divine Madness

  8. Black Altar – Outro

  9. Acherontas – Intra Psyche

  10. Acherontas – Astra Magia

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