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  • Jason Hesley

Ocean Of Another presents a new current in the Metalcore genre!

Hailing from the dynamic Croatian music scene, Ocean Of Another presents a new current in the Metalcore genre, formed in early 2022. Comprising experienced artists from celebrated Croatian bands like Manntra, Pale Origins, Zenoth, Grapevine Babies, Cold Snap, and Monox, this band is the merging of talented tributaries into a mighty musical river.

Ocean Of Another delves into the abyss of mental health, addiction, and the deep-seated struggles within the human psyche. Their music doesn't offer quick fixes, but extends an invitation for dialogue, understanding, and connection. In this ocean, you're encouraged to "Become a drop," sharing your experiences, fears, and pains as part of a collective healing process.

The band's discography includes four evocative tracks, each complemented by an immersive video available on their YouTube channel. Their unique approach to music even extends to a soul-stirring acoustic rendition of Slipknot's "Snuff."

Ocean Of Another's lyrical prowess has already earned them recognition, being honored as the "Best Newcomer" at the Ri Rock awards in December 2022. Their latest single, "I Find it Hard to Feel Alive," threads a poignant narrative of addiction and depression, highlighting the dark path these afflictions can lead us down.

Contrasting the despair in the lyrics, the accompanying music video, masterfully directed by the band's vocalist, Dorian Pavlović, celebrates love as a powerful antidote to darkness. It tells the moving story of a protagonist saved from death and purgatory by the transformative power of love.

Join Ocean Of Another as they navigate the waves of human emotion, shedding light on our shared struggles and the potential for collective healing. Become a drop in their ocean and embark on this journey of understanding and connection. Experience the power of Metalcore as a vessel for compassion and resilience, with Ocean Of Another leading the way.

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