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  • Jason Hesley

Obscurial to release "Heretic"

On April 22nd, from Malaysia’s blackest abyssal pool, Obscurial will cover our ears in sludge and blasphemy with Heretic, their second album. Three years after their debut full-length Funeral, Burial And Rites, the Kuala Lumpurians’ death metal will once again terrify any fan of Grave Miasma, Bloodbath, Grave, Morbid Angel, or Brain Dead.

Recorded at Thrve Studio with guitarist Afiq as engineer and featuring a mix and master by Afnan Azlan, Heretic is a violent monstrosity topped off with cover artwork by Arifullah Ali. Accepting all tangible and intangible consequences, this work will be released by Violence In The Veins on LP (red or black vinyl), Memento Mori on CD, and Necrolatry Records for tape.

Grotesque images and nightmares from other dimensions swirl through this album, unleashing a storm of sickly, schizoid, and disformed steel, of undisguised Lovecraftian stench.

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