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  • Jason Hesley

Norway’s Féleth Confront The Dark History Of Colonialism In “USA”

Féleth, from the far reaches of northern Norway, above the arctic circle, have a new album coming out this winter entitled “Divine Blight”. Some of the tracks on the album are fictional while others, including the single “USA” ft. Petter Carlsen are commentaries on real-world issues. The latest single involves the parallelism of the USA’s and Scandinavia’s effects on the indigenous people of the areas. The band details the track:

“It’s our most alternative song on the album, where almost everyone contributed to the songwriting. “USA” starts off very calm and beautiful, before the main bassline of the song comes in, which in itself is very intricate. The song follows a very strange structure where it has two ‘’hooks’’, and riffs that showcase the absolute guitar mastery that the band can deliver. Lyrically there was a lot of work put into this song, it touches upon the horrors that were inflicted upon the Native Americans, and also the Sami people, the indigenous people of Northern Norway, expressing extreme dismay and criticism against the atrocities inflicted.”

When it comes to writing, everyone participates in the songwriting process, but is mostly handled by the guitarists. Then up to the bass player and drummer to add what they think is the most fitting for the song. The lyrics usually come from the ‘’feel’’ of the songs. The lyrics are ranging from critique towards humanity, relatable events and even touching upon how the more technologically advanced people oppressed natives in the single “USA”.

The general red line throughout the album when it comes to the lyrics is perfectly described in the album title ‘’Divine Blight’’, which is a wordplay on ‘’Divine Right’’ where kings etc. meant they were chosen by god and had more worth than other people. ‘’Divine Blight’’ is the band's dismay in such thinking, implying that all of humanity is equal and we are all equally responsible for all the fucked up shit that’s happening in this world.

An electrically charged exhibit of melodic death metal with a generous helping of technical riffs, Féleth takes their music seriously, but not themselves. They are recommended for fans of Archspire, Fit For An Autopsy and Inferi.

The lyric video for “USA” ft. Petter Carlsen can be seen and heard at

The album “Divine Blight” comes out on November 11, 2022.

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