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  • Jason Hesley

Northern Genocide's Our Final Hour single and video out now! -featuring guest vocalist Stephanie Mazor!

Finnish modern melodic metal band Northern Genocide is set to release their second studio album The Point of No Return on March 1st 2024 via Inverse Records

The fourth and the last single Our Final Hour is released today and it's available on all essential streaming services:  


Comments from the band:"Final Hour paints a mental landscape of humanity's last moments before it is too late to change the course. The song is a multi-faceted epic where you get lost in the currents of grooving riffs, painting chords and dark doomsday cacophonies. The voice of guest vocalist Stephanie Mazor is pure and beautiful but also melancholic because the bitter end for us all is near." 

The third single 'To Serve The Pestilence' with a music video available here: 

The second single Necropolis which features Tommy Tuovinen from MyGrain is available here: 

Music video of the first single, Harbingers of Genocide, is available here: 

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