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  • Jason Hesley

Northern Genocide is back! The first single and music video out now!

Finnish modern melodic metal band Northern Genocide is back! Their first album Genesis, Vol. 666 recently reached 1 Million streams on Spotify. Their second studio album The Point of No Return will be released later in 2024 via Inverse Records. The first single, Harbingers of Genocide, is released today and a stunning music video can be seen here: Comments from the band: "Harbingers of Genocide is a tale of the messengers of the end of the world. The messengers are us all. An attack against the deepest essence of humanity leads to total destruction. The song combines straightforward headbanging with epic melodies. Chorus led by Stephanie Mazor sets a proper atmosphere for the moment before the last moment of our time. "

LISTEN Harbingers of Genocide on streaming services:

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