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  • Jason Hesley

New York Metal band Gorilla Wizard release ”No Replacement For Displacement”

New York Metal band GORILLA WIZARD throw it into high gear and hang on for dear life with ”No Replacement For Displacement” Single & Video with SODEH Records. You’re done. You have to get out. You have to get away. It’s time to hit the road and not look back. Thankfully, you’ve got a souped-up, big bloc hot rod fueled by daemon blood from the fourteenth necrodimension that tears holes in reality every time it shifts gears and leaves blazing, runic glyphs on the melted asphalt as it screams into the night. When you truly have to leave this place for good, there’s simply…”No Replacement For Displacement.” The latest single from cosmic sludge-sorcerers, Gorilla Wizard, is blazing ahead of their forthcoming EP, White Knuckle/Black Magic. So buckle in, throw it into high gear, and hang on for dear life!! - Gorilla Wizard

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