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  • Jason Hesley

NEW lyric video from DISTORTED FORCE, "Achérondas"

Distorted Force is a band with a very weird approach to composition. Being in the substance of progressive metal implies long length tracks, unstable structure, and a lot of changes in a song's general atmosphere. In recent years the band moves musically in the heavy/progressive area. They started in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2008.

In the beginning of 2010 Distorted Force started their discography with a homonymous EP. A year later they released "A Dead Man's Dream" showing obvious influences from Porcupine Tree and Anathema. The line-up changed and "Depersonalization" was out in 2012 with much heavier sound, that keeps up to date. In January 2013, "Fields in Desolation" was released, characterized by progressive metal elements which were about to increase over the next years. In December of 2014, the album "Taken by Force" paved the same progressive metal course that was carved in their previous albums. The next full-length album “Curves of Sidereal Cosmos” was the band's first concept album and was released in May 2018, followed by flattering reviews from the music press all over the world.

Distorted Force have been performing live shows all over Greece and Europe since 2008.

On June 10th, 2023, the band released their seventh album “Angelic

Bloodshed” via French Soman Records. This is considered to be the heaviest so far.

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