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  • Jason Hesley

New Line-up for Dutch Metal Band Beyond the Pale, First Music Video Released!

Dutch metal band Beyond the Pale introduce a new line-up. They might be a new name to the scene, but the group consists of musicians who have all earned their stripes:

● Frank van Boven (Disquiet, Slayer tribute band Player, Bloodgod)

● Boudewijn de Kraaij (Container)

● Janneke de Rooy (Paper Doll Decay, Why She Kills)

● Johnny Derechos (Agents of Entropy, Bloodgod, Nuestros Derechos)

● Jeroen van Donselaar (Agonized, Nuestros Derechos)

Hailing from Utrecht, the Netherlands, Beyond the Pale initially started as a duo in 2020, between two Corona lockdowns with curfew. About the worst timing you can think of. But blood is thicker than water. Because of the restrictions it took a while to assemble a complete line-up. Now they are ready to unleash their blend of energetic metal. Like a hungry pack of wolves, headed for the top.

On April 27, Beyond the Pale will make their live debut on stage at Big Ass Metal Fest #33 in Utrecht, along with Mercyless from France and NervoChaos from Brazil, among other acts. More details and tickets available via

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