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Neptune drops 'Northern Steel'

Neptune, hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, is a renowned melodic metal band with roots tracing back to the 1980s. Their musical journey began when they recorded an EP in 1986, which saw its official release first in 2018 alongside a compilation of collected demos. Building on their legacy, 2020 marked the release of their inaugural full-length album, "Northern Steel." Not resting on their laurels, they followed up in 2022 with the EP titled "The Rebirth." As of now, Neptune is diligently crafting their third full-length album, "End of Time," poised to grace the shelves of music stores in 2024.

NEPTUNE, a band whose origins trace back to the 1980s and which has released two full-length albums, and two EPs is right now fully engaged in the process of recording their upcoming album titled "End of Time".

Hailing from the 80s, Neptune is a Swedish melodic metal outfit that is often regarded as one of the pioneering acts of the FWOSHM era. Their musical style is akin to bands such Madison, 220 Volt, Heavy Load, Europe, Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Glory.

With their upcoming studio offering, "End of Time," Neptune has taken their songwriting to a whole new level. They aim to showcase what 80s metal should sound like in the year 2024.

Row Alex (vocal) says that for the album "End of Time," the band has afforded themselves more time to craft material, with virtually all members actively contributing to the songwriting process. As a result, listeners can anticipate a highly diversified experience, taking them on a captivating journey for over 40 minutes, free from any fillers or leftover tracks.

Just like their previous album, this one also weaves a hidden narrative, much like the elusive Midgard Serpent which waits in the background. The story is deeply rooted in the Nordic ancient tales and sagas that celebrate the band's Viking heritage. The narrative culminates in the year 1066, the fateful year when the last known Vikings drew their final breath after a tough battle at Stamford Bridge, marking the end of the Viking era, hence the title of the album - "End of Time."

The band has now completed more than half of the recording for their upcoming album, "End of Time. The estimated release date for the album which will be both on CD as well as on vinyl is shortly after the summer. Just like their last album, the band is once again collaborating with the label Melodic Passion Records and Sound Pollution distribution.

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