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  • Jason Hesley

Necrofier Premiere New Video and Announce Shows with Hulder!

Texas has been swamped by a brutal heat wave. That's not great for folks who want to spend their summer soaking up the sun, but black metal fans will be pleased to know that the Lone Star State is about to get even hotter.

Necrofier are playing four special shows across their home state this October. They'll be playing songs off their new album 'Burning Shadows in the Southern Night'. Joining them are demonic, majestic, Northwest torchbearers Hulder.

Get tickets HERE.

Texas dates

October 5 - Dallas @ Double Wide [TICKETS]

October 6 - The Compound @ Houston [TICKETS]

October 7 - Austin @ Lost Well [TICKETS]

October 8 - San Antonio @ Paper Tiger [TICKETS]

"Where you live helps shape someone". That's Christian "Bakka" Larson, who sings and plays guitar in Necrofier. He's right; the band's new album burns with a thick, sweltering melodicism that you don't often get from black metal. "Total Southern Darkness" opens with ominous piano and mournful, operatic vocals, while "Whispers That Burn in the Dark" is whipped along by blast beats that pound the air like a horde of bats.

"It's hot most of the year in Houston," says Larson, "which gives us warmer tones and more of a heavy metal influence compared to our brothers from the North."

People have been feeling the heat, too. "It's a great-sounding black metal that almost feels more like a live record than a studio album," says A&P Reacts about Burning Shadows in the Southern Night.

Order the album HERE. Stream it HERE.

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