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  • Jason Hesley

Mystfall releases "Silence" video!

Mystfall has released a video for "Silence", fourth single taken from the debut album "Celestial Vision" released in July 2023 by Scarlet Records.

"Celestial Vision" has been released in the following formats:

-digipak CD


‘Celestial Vision’ is the Mystfall introduction to the international metal scene, combining the traditional symphonic metal sound and atmospheres with an enthralling melodramatic approach.

All the songs features catchy melodies, captivating choirs and some very tasteful orchestral arrangements; the whole record is influenced from battle, cinematic, celtic and classic music too.

The superb and touching voice of frontwoman Marialena Trikoglou is the icing on the cake on a series of amazing compositions.

Lyrically wise, the "Celestial Vision" concept is quintessentially philosophical, looking for an answer to the perennial “meaning of life” quest.

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