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  • Jason Hesley


Belgian Progressive Metal artist Tom Tee (Thorium) releases first music video single from ENTERING POLARIS double-album.

Atlantean ShoresAnd Silently The Age Did Pass The first of two double-albums

Welcome to the video premiere for the song 'The Tempest And The Sea', taken from the ENTERING POLARIS double-album 'Atlantean Shores' and 'And Silently the Age Did Pass'! This song is the second promotional video single for this double-release, and features David Marcelis (THORIUM, LORD VOLTURE) on vocals. The Tempest And The Sea is one of several epic tracks on the album(s), with an extended running time and many different sections. The numerous twists and turns throughout also serve as a metaphor, as this song is all about weathering storms – about the tempestuous and often capricious nature of the sea, of nature itself, and indeed of the human spirit. As the seas may be both beautiful and terrible, tranquil and turbulent, so it is with the heart of Man.

For the video, I wanted to work with a younger and an older actor, the implication being that they may (or may not) be the same character; both facing and enduring the squalls that Time and Tide throw at us, yet with the elder, through hard-won experience, no longer daunted in confronting the storm. The recurring motifs of the Saint Christopher medallion, and of the lighthouse where the band is playing, serve as a reminder that no matter how fierce the gales that lash at us in life, there are always safe harbors to be found” - Tom Tee says.

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