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  • Jason Hesley

Mountain Caller announce debut album 'Chronicle I: The Truthseeker'

New Heavy Sounds are extremely stoked to announce that our newest signings Mountain Caller are ready to engage hyper-drive and launch their debut album into the riff time continuum.

Mountain Caller are El, Claire and Max and hail from London. They describe themselves as a heavy progressive instrumental three-piece, who are driven to tell stories with music and want listeners to conjure up cinematic scenes in their minds. And that they do … in spades.

If one needs a sonic ballpark, think the infectious jamming of Elder and the dynamic cinema-scapes of Mogwai, underpinned by the mantric riffs of Sleep.

A rich amalgam of Progressive Rock, Post Metal and Doom. Nevertheless, Mountain Caller do succeed in weaving their own unique spell. Listen to first single 'Journey Through The Twilight Desert’ now:

Drummer Max Maxwell comments on the track,  "Journey is a perfect introduction to our band. The extreme dynamics, the riffs, and the soundscapes, all of which define the band for us, are all there. Conceptually, the song is about exploration: of an unknown, barren, perilous land, and of the limits of one's own untapped potential and capabilities. It was a turning point for us, the song where we really started to incorporate more off-kilter influences, and where each of us really found our instrumental voices within the band. It’s very dear to us, as is all our music, and we’re so excited for it to be everyone’s first taste of what’s to come!”

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