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  • Jason Hesley

MORIBUND MANTRAS: German black-doom metal entity premiere new album "…of Fathomless Depths"

German black-doom metallers MORIBUND MANTRAS will be releasing their new album, "…of Fathomless Depths", on April 14th 2023 via Argento Records. Today, Invisible Oranges is hosting an exclusive premiere of the album. Stream "…of Fathomless Depths" at THIS LOCATION. With an inception going back 13 years in time, German entity MORIBUND MANTRAS has summoned a poignant blend of Doom, Black, and Post-Metal throughout two full-length records and three EPs, ever refined in its expressive touch and ardor. Now, following the colossal opus entitled “Golden Void”, the German quintet stares back into the abyss with five new mantras of roaring occult force, a fiery extended play aptly branded “…of Fathomless Depths”. Diving into deep spheres, one faces penetrating layers of sound, chilling mammoth riffs carrying the weight of the world, whether through vicious heaviness or heart-stirring bursts of melody. MORIBUND MANTRAS enter the soul of the listener as it surrenders its spirit. “…of Fathomless Depths” marks the first time the group recorded and mixed its songs by themselves and the intensity of the awareness to the detail fully enhances MORIBUND MANTRAS’ vision. Varied, tense, and highly expressive, these sonic endeavors are manifested through one particularly organic and utterly dynamic rhythmic section which, with the complicity of the riffing electrical storm, casts an aura of dreamy solemnity. On top of such instrumental traits, a voice from the nether regions screams the pressure of human existence, the man’s search for his destiny, guided by his dreams, in eternal pursuit for enlightenment. Tracklist:

1. Intro 2. Sinking - Floating 3. The Shimmering Darkness 4. Interlude 5. Shore of Knowledge

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