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  • Jason Hesley

Miss Vain is set to release a new EP Crocus Biflorus on August!

Finnish metal band Miss Vain is set to release a new EP 'Crocus Biflorus' on August 11th 2023 via Inverse Records. A new single Song of Solitude is released today and it's available on all essential streaming services: The band comments: "This song holds elements from progressive-metal to pop-rock and much in between within. Lyrically it's basically about loss, grieving the past and hope for a new. How all you crave for seems to be unreachable, even if it is just an inch away to be touched or to be seen! It's the cry for love and acceptance universally and/or personally... Well I think that's pretty much what whole life is all about! Isn't it?" LISTEN All the Same single: LISTEN Leap of Failed single: Biography Miss Vain is a five piece rock - group from Tampere Finland, drifting in the maelstrom of metal. It´s music is a horns raising energy and catchy melodies with a featherlike delicacy. Miss Vain was formed in 2019 as a two guy studio project. After two lighter pop - / rock - songs, we lowered our tune and in summer of 2021 Miss Vain grew into a real band... Finally. Our mission is to deliver joyful moments with new awesome songs and live shows to all who are willing to be entertained by Miss Vains rumbling tunes.

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