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  • Jason Hesley

Mexican Thrash Masters Strike Master Release Drum Play-through Of "Crystallized"

Strike Master unleashes a drum play-through for their their brand new single "Crystallized". Crystallized is the spearhead of their upcoming 2023 full length album - Tangram Apocalypse, which will be released through singles leading up to the release date. The album will be released September 1st physically and on all major platforms.

Alberto Allende

(Strike Master, Repvblika, Ex Vital Remains)

Play-through in a double camera video of the band's newest song "Crystallized" showing a combination of his all time styles betwen Black Metal blast beats and thrash metal machingunnery, all mixed in a perfect flow to listen to and to watch his technique, one of Mexico's finnest drummers shows us the way he drives the double bass drum beast!

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