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  • Jason Hesley

Metal band Koitos from Finland released a third single from the upcoming debut album!

Finnish metal newcomer Koitos released a third single "Virtaa" (eng.”Flows“), from the upcoming debut album. Song has more dynamics and it includes crushing riffs but also a delicate clean singing with a mellow piano. "The upcoming album deals with loneliness from many different angles. But in this song not in such a traditional way. The narrator of the song hides his mistakes under a hard shell, which emerges as crappy behavior towards others. In the end, people disappear around the narrator and he’s left to lick his wounds in solitude," describes the theme of the song by vocalist Matti Hiitti. Koitos debut album will be released later in autumn. In addition to the composition and lyrics, the song was recorded and produced entirely by the band itself. The song was mixed and mastered by Rami Nykänen, who has previously worked with bands like One Morning Left and Balance Breach. Listen to the single on music services: Social media links Instagram: Facebook:

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