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  • Jason Hesley

MENTAL CRUELTY Releases A New Visual Offering For The Tracks “Midtvinter” And “Obsessis A Daemonio”

MENTAL CRUELTY has released a majestic new visual offering for the opening tracks "Midtvinter" and "Obsessis a Daemonio" from their latest album, Zwielicht.

MENTAL CRUELTY comments on “Obsessis a Daemonio”: Obsessis a Daemonio is a song inspired by medieval age manuscripts describing exorcisms. Watch out to not get haunted yourself after watching the video. It’s a story of a spiritual battle between a priest and a demon of his past. An epic fight of the light vs. the dark - who will triumph in the end? Decide by yourself! Get ready for a bombastic performance in an original antique monastery library setting!

Zwielicht, the fourth full-length album from MENTAL CRUELTY, is now available via Century Media Records.

Dive into a dark and intense world where Hell's power reigns supreme. Stream “Obsessis a Daemonio” and Zwielicht now HERE; the new and epic music video (produced by Aurora Motion Pictures) can be watched here later today at 9AM PT/12PM ET/6PM CEST:

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