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  • Jason Hesley

Matt Geary to drop the album "Ghost in the Western Trap" on March 24th!

Entwining post-hardcore musicality and orchestral minimalism, Ghost in the Western Trap is the upcoming album from Philadelphia-based musician Matt Geary. Geary effortlessly weaves abstract tones alongside melodic phrases that crash against the ear like cresting waves of water and wind, creating a rich musical tapestry that defies categorization.

"After almost five years of recording, re-recording, and setbacks Ghost in the Western Trap is finally finished. An album I hold close to my heart. This album is a reflection of lived experience both good and bad presented in an audio format. A testament to life in a fast-paced society where survival is guaranteed not just through the self but through companionship and the cultivation of love. This album is a meditation on love, suffering, companionship, resilience, and empathy".

Ghost in the Western Trap has a long history with writing beginning around 2014; the album is a reflection on the torture of watching loved ones slowly fade away, how it impacts those around them, and rising above it all. The record also encourages listeners to find their own meaning in the music. Geary artfully produces immersive songs that journey through a multitude of emotions. Opening with ‘Birth’, ethereal soundscapes establish the tone of the album gradually building into a powerful instrumental arrangement. ‘What Made Him Drop’ delves further into Geary’s dynamic compositional style. Lead violin emerges into the central focus, with the surrounding instrumentation seeing synths add a smooth, soft texture, while the acoustic guitar brings bright tones and warmth. Each track on Ghost in the Western Trap provides different moods progressing the narrative. ‘Broken Down – The Other Side of Town’ sees the motifs of ‘Birth’ return and are developed further through the instrumentation. There’s a haunting air enhanced by shimmering tones that add in an otherworldly character. A burst of energy exudes from the title track with a faster pace. Strings take the lead with acoustic guitar and ghostly synths supporting the dream-like atmosphere.

Matt Geary explores complex ideas through a progressive and experimental approach. His music delivers ambience and vast soundscapes, with intricate and melodic lead instruments. Contrasting darkness and light emanates through the compositions forming an enthralling release in Ghost in the Western Trap.

Track Listing:

1. Birth

2. What Made Him Drop

3. Fragile

4. Broken Down – The Other Side of Town

5. Your Eyes Told Me Everything

6. Ghost in the Western Trap

7. Bright Again

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