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  • Jason Hesley

Mýrdal to drop "Helvíti" on June 28 via Vendetta Records!

Mýrdal, the enigmatic black metal band from Germany, is set to release their debut album "Helvíti" on June 28, 2024, through Vendetta Records. Founded in April 2022, Mýrdal quickly established themselves in the black metal scene with their self-titled EP released in November of the same year. Their debut album, "Helvíti," marks a significant evolution in their sound, showcasing a blend of chaos and atmosphere, melody and fury.

Inspired by the Icelandic black metal scene, Mýrdal distills their music to its raw essence, creating a gripping sound with minimal instrumentation. From the first blazing notes, the album envelops the listener in an ever-thickening blackness, culminating in a profound sense of deafening despair. Fans of Svartidaudi, Misþyrming, and Naðra will find much to appreciate in Mýrdal's unique approach to black metal.

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