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  • Jason Hesley

MÒR to release "Hear The Hour Nearing!"

Since their founding in 2014, Mòr have blended the original violence of black metal with melodic breadth and fertile obstinacy in equal measure. The quartet released a first demo, Aequinoctium, in 2015, and a live EP in 2022. After years, Mòr found the right line-up leading to the release of its first full-length album on April 12th, through Les Acteurs de l’Ombre and La Harelle.

From the end of 2021, the quartet has been forging an intense and crushing live apparition, playing several tours in France and Belgium, and being invited by several festivals, including the Icelandic Nordanpaunk in August 2023.

For the release of ‘Hark! Hear the Hour Nearing!’ Mòr will embark on an first european tour, from April 17th to May 6th.

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