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LP now available: OCINN - "The Forest"

OCINN, a pioneer in the fusion of Black Metal and Dark Piano music, has released the LP version of the captivating album "The Forest". Alongside its unique soundscapes, OCINN has several collaborative projects lined up, redefining the boundaries of Black Metal.

Bringing a breath of fresh Black Metal air, OCINN, the singular force behind a unique blend of Dark Piano music, has released the LP version of their captivating album "The Forest". Originally released digitally and on CD and Cassette formats on the 24th of February 2022, the album is now available on 180g 12" Vinyl with an exquisite grey and black and white marbling in a beautiful gatefold design.

OCINN, a solo project formed in 2007, breaks the boundaries between Black Metal and Dark Piano music. "The Forest" is the second album following the debut "l" released in 2020, and represents a continuation of OCINN's exploration into the gloom and melancholy of the German woodlands. The tracks are infused with romantic piano tunes that perfectly capture the sensation of cold, raw Black Metal sounds.

This album, with its hypnotizing atmospheres and gloomy, yet romantic tunes, will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Black Metal and Dark Piano music. The release was first made available through South American label Guts’N’Blood Records and is now accessible in LP format at

OCINN's innovation doesn't stop at "The Forest". Currently, they are collaborating with John Never and Golzarath, known from the German band Wingrath or Dethroned, on a new Black Metal project, Druttwald. The new band promises a fusion of melancholic Dark Piano music with cold and epic Black Metal tunes, destined to create a fresh, unique sound. Anticipate their debut later this year.

Further projects include splits with Black Metal and Dungeon Synth bands such as Necrolust, Funeral Requiem, and Urku Llanthu. Each split features previously unpublished OCINN songs and are available at Guts’N’Blood Records.

Beyond OCINN's own work, they have contributed to other projects by offering piano and synthesizer tunes to different Black Metal and Ambient bands including Necrolust, Egokarma, and Szivilizs. Also, OCINN will feature as a guest musician on the upcoming In Dornen album.

Having participated in online festivals like Yana Orqo Metal Fest and Larva Fest in South America, and with music influenced by bands like Emperor, Gorgoroth, Beherit, Thyrgrim, Dynfari, Evilfeast, and more, OCINN has carved a distinct place in the Black Metal and Dark Piano music scene.

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