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London’s Melodic Death/Doom Metal Project ALPHA LYRÆ Reveals Tracklist of the Self-Titled Debut Album, Watch the Video of “Criterion”

London-based melodic doom/death metaller ALPHA LYRÆ is glad to reveal the tracklist of its self-titled debut album, set to be released on March 22nd as digipak and on the main download and streaming platforms. The effort will be composed of 6 songs that delighting fans of bands like Opeth, My Dying Bride, and Paradise Lost.

Watch the video of “Criterion” here:

Pre-order “Alpha Lyræ” on Bandcamp:

As the opening song of the album, “Criterion” manages to put the listener into a contemplative trance, and sets the scene for the listening experience yet to come. Lyrically ALPHA LYRÆ explores the futile concept of withholding the world’s atrocities from one’s child as it’s only a matter of time until the child encounters pain in our world. With its doom-laden and gloomy atmosphere, the music follows the lyrical concept perfectly as ALPHA LYRÆ laments his daughter’s eventual exposure to the world. Midway through the song, “Criterion” picks up the listener with hopeful notes. The lyrics follow suit as ALPHA LYRÆ teaches his daughter to cope with inevitable pain in the world.

Stream/download “Criterion” on

The musical tapestry of “Alpha Lyræ” unfolds as a rich and diverse fusion, blending the weighty gravitas of death doom, the intricate elements of progressive rock/metal, and the expansive atmospheres of post-rock, showcasing a sonic palette that transcends conventional boundaries.

ALPHA LYRÆ has also revealed the definitive tracklist of the album. You can read it below:

1. Criterion

2. October Lux

3. Alpha Lyrae

4. Pillars Of Wisdom

5. H.I

6. Deus In Te

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