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  • Jason Hesley

Listen to Fabulae Dramatis's latest single "Fábula Violenta"

Fabulae Dramatis just released their new single, "Fábula Violenta", under Dramatis Music & Arts. This track is part of their upcoming album "Violenta" and serves as a chronicle of Isabel Restrepo’s childhood during the drug war in the 90s in Aranjuez, Medellín, Colombia. The song narrates the stark contrast between her childhood world of playing with dolls and the harsh reality of protecting herself from bullets.

The video clip for "Fábula Violenta", captures a poignant memory of this Colombian war scenario, where Isabel found a stray bullet on her pillow, realizing she had narrowly escaped death.

The songs on "Violenta" are deeply personal, reflecting the band's matured and honest approach to music. The album is a cathartic process, showcasing their vulnerability and human experiences, shared openly with their audience.

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