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  • Jason Hesley

Lifesick: ‘Love and Other Lies’ EP Out Today on Metal Blade Records!

Today marks the release of Love And Other Lies, the latest EP from Danish metallic hardcore group, LIFESICK. In celebration of its official unveiling, the band has dropped a video for “Reverse Birth,” featuring a guest vocal appearance by Nails‘ Todd Jones.

Elaborates vocalist/lyricist Simon Shoshan (aka Simon Sorrow), “This is from personal experience. I have a lot of ADHD and from time to time, I deal with stress, depression, and anxiety. I went to a psychiatrist to get help and the first ‘doctor’ I spoke with gave me the feeling that I just wasn’t trying enough and that I just felt too bad for myself. So that gave me the best mindset to write these lyrics and I think they speak for themselves.”

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