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  • Jason Hesley

Lies We Sold - New EP "ADRIFT IN THE MIST" - october 27th 2023!

Lies We Sold is a Parisian Metalcore band, and i'm very excited to tell you about their latest EP, "Adrift to the Mist" which i would love to see featured in your Reviews / Chronicles.

This 5-track EP (20 minutes) delves into themes of loss and the search for answers. The lyrics delve into the complexity of the human soul, addressing moments of despair, doubt, and the quest for meaning.

"Adrift to the Mist" offers a diverse musical experience, ranging from energetic and fiery phases to more emotional and introspective moments, depending on the themes explored in each song.

Continuously mixed and mastered by Nicolas Exposito (Landmvrks), this EP is digitally distributed by Blood Blast Distribution.

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