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  • Jason Hesley

LEACH - Gone To Waste (Single)!

Scandinavian power quartet LEACH is closing in for a kill with a masterpiece of – quite literally – punching thrash/death'n'roll. As a first harbinger of the upcoming album New Model Of Disbelief, the band has just delivered their brand new video single Gone To Waste. Kicking it off with a crushing main riff and frantically aggressive vocals by singer/guitarist Markus Wikander, the single manages to move on to its rich, touching chorus in an almost seamless fashion. However, the truly unexpected star of this blood fest is a very old-school melodic metal epilogue that can easily get you to indulge in awesome flashbacks – if you’ve been a metalhead for a while. LEACH themselves describe this piece of northern perfection in much simpler words: “A good sum up of what we’re all about. Fast ‘in your face’ stuff blended with rock’n’roll grooves and melodies.” The visuals presented in the music video are perfectly set to underline this ceremony of opposites: from the band’s sweaty, hard rockin’ performance amidst the eerie atmosphere of a midnight parking lot to the refined elegance of female movement looking for the perfect swing in a blood-soaked fight club setting, as presented by Swedish pro wrestlers Betty Rose and Sixt.

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