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  • Jason Hesley

LÝSIS release 'Equinox'

LÝSIS is a melodic metalcore band based in Falun, Sweden.Their sound draws a lot of inspiration from the signature Gothenburg Sound mixed with influences from other sub genres like melodic metalcore and symphonic metal, which makes LÝSIS sound unique and modern.The name LÝSIS takes inspiration from the process when the outer parts of a cell is breaking down due to internal or external factors which exposes the cell.This process reflects the topics and themes LÝSIS presents in their music. Identifying and ventilating thoughts and feelings that might feel destructive at first, but by working on them you come out stronger on the other side.

Their upcoming double single which features Equinox and Embers is a testament to LÝSIS's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and exploring the depths of human emotion through music. It's a journey that traverses the boundaries of light and dark, love and loss, and the ethereal and the earth.On their upcoming release they have once again worked with the producer Isak Olsson to bring their sound to a professional standard. Equinox also features a guest artist Martin Kutnar on cello to help evoke even more emotion and life into the track Equinox.

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