• Jason Hesley

KJELD presents "Betsjoend", the opening track from the upcoming album!

"...Kjeld offers their allegiance to the cold wintery tenets of what was coming out of Norway in the late ’90s and early aughts. While mostly clocking in the faster BPMs, Kjeld ensure there’s enough “Frisian” atmosphere — forests, lakes, and myths — imbued into and spiking outward their black that it doesn’t feel like they’re single-minded in attack. There’s nuance to Kjeld’s internal/external strife. To wit, the keyboard line — subtle underneath Tsjuster and Bile’s rampaging fretboard work and Skier’s life-ending howls — supports the overall expeditious compositional theme. It provides lift, much in the same way Enslaved used electronics on “Midgards Eldar” (from Vikingligr Veldi) to give it a lofty feel."

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