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  • Jason Hesley

KITA to release "Tyhjiö"

On the second release the band introduces the switch to singing in their nativelanguage. The title, Tyhjiö (the Void), is in a contrast to the albums essence: At thesame time songs being spacier, slower, heavier and more cosmos-reaching thanbefore, there is an element of filthy earthiness and serenity of being devoured by thesurrounding nature. By the switch to the finnish language, the lyrics are very personaland philosophical, reflecting deep inner conflicts under a psychedelic light.

This trip consists of five tracks:1. Kivi puhuu (the Stone Speaks)2. Tyhjiö (the Void)3. Torajyvä (the Ergot)4. Kärpässilmät (Fly Eyes)5. Ataraksia (Ataraxia)

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