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  • Jason Hesley

KATAPULT debut “Schädel” music video!

This Friday (14 Oct 2022), Swedish/Swiss squad Katapult will release “Schädel,” the third and final single from their upcoming debut album, Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes. The music video for the song can be seen above. Sung in German, the melodeath/thrash number “Schädel” pours scorn on religious extremism.

“Fuck religions and their stupidity,” states bassist Felix Bacher, who also wrote the lyrics of the song. “Use your minds and don’t let old, dusty books with used-up morals tell you what to believe!”

Bacher further expresses, “In a world where the values of humanism and secularism are more and more under assault, we feel the need to take a strong stance against religious fanaticism.”

“I have no idea what the fuck I’m singing,” informs vocalist Johan Norström. “‘Schädel’ is a trust fall for me, so don’t screw me over, Felix! But yeah, singing in German was definitely a challenge for someone who only took one semester of German in school, and that’s what — 25 years ago? Fuck, I’m old.”

“I wrote this song a week before we entered the studio and I didn’t tell anybody in the band about it except Dave, the drummer,” guitarist Florian Moritz offers on the creation process of the song. “He didn't practice the song either and rather just went for it after listening to it two times. It was a nice surprise for the others when we told them we had an extra song, and they needed to learn it fast.”

Pre-Save the single on your preferred digital/streaming media RIGHT HERE.

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