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  • Jason Hesley


KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR, a groundbreaking Black Metal band, announces their sixth album "Built to Kill," releasing in August 2023 through Xtreem Music, blending multiple genres while maintaining their signature war-like sound.

Unleashed from the creative mind of Joe Bastard, KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR has been a relentless force in the Black Metal scene since its inception. Through the turbulence of time, the band has honed their craft, blending genres and influences to create a sound uniquely their own. Now, they are set to deliver their most riveting work yet, the sixth studio album "Built to Kill". Set for release in August 2023 through Xtreem Music, this album continues their explorations into the abyss of Speed, Black, Thrash Metal, and beyond.

Capturing influences ranging from Desaster and Darkthrone to Venom, Bathory, Sodom, Motörhead, and Voivod, "Built to Kill" harnesses the power of diversity. Embracing various musical styles, this record will unleash a potent mix of Punk, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, and even some raw, dirty Rock'n'Roll. The sonic architecture of the album is designed to strike with relentless force, showcasing KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR's ability to break genre boundaries while maintaining their trademark war-like sound.

"Built to Kill" isn't just a record, it's a testament to the band's creative journey. As KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR's latest offering, it embodies a musical legacy that has been built on the raw energy of live shows, the critical acclaim of their previous releases, and the indomitable spirit of a band that's braved adversities.

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