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JULIA AND THE ROOFERS to release "The Will Of Evil" on Jan. 7th!

Julia (Moladori Giulia) enters the musical world in 2010 by playing in various rock bands of the eastern Liguria as a singer and second guitar. After a long period of experimentation and study, she enters as the main voice in the “Hermits” tribute to Led Zeppelin, an experience that will keep her busy for a long time. After the end of the project and eager to broaden her perspectives, she meets Peso (Marco Pesenti) and Ranza (Emilio Ranzoni) who propose to form an acoustic trio cover. This is how Julia and The Roofers were born in 2018, a group born with the aim of rearranging symbolic songs of rock history with the aid of special instruments such as the use of percussion and sitar. After a year spent around playing, thanks to the forced lockdown period, the group decides to devote themselves to the drafting of their first unpublished work. Thus was born "The will of Evil" project strongly influenced by the sound of the Seattle bands of the 90s as well as by the angry approach typical of the riot girrrl groups (Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Hole, Babes in Toyland). “The Will Of Evil” was recorded and mastered by Pier Gonella at MusicArt Studio. Current line-up includes JULIA - voice and bass; RANZA- guitar, sitar and keyboards; PESO drums. Promotion by Diamonds Prod and Nadir Promotion.

The Will of Evil tracklist:

1. River

2. Summer (seems so easy)

3. Sound of Evil

4. Come to an end

5. Eros & Thanatos

6. The rope

7. Gardens

8. Down in the net

9. Bones

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