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  • Jason Hesley

Jazz metal band Kajgūn released surprise live album and full concert video!

On 6th December Kajgūn released Chamber Works in Concrete, a nearly hour-long set recorded on the band’s latest show at Beton, Győr. The music is available on Bandcamp while you can watch the full gig on the band’s YouTube channel. The album is a surprise for their fans just on the brink of Kajgūn’s debut album’s premiere.

Kajgūn’s approach is to play improvised only, both in the studio and on stage. Therefore each show stands as a unique experience for the audience. However, memorable moments are captured and you can listen and watch the magic recorded as if you were right there.

Fuzzy Cracklins of The Swamp Records USA described Chamber Works in Concrete as “Crushing riffs with ethereal theremin and jazz tones delivered as improv. Absolutely mind-blowing! Sound quality is off the hook, too.”

Kajgūn is a psychedelic jazz metal band playing improvised music only with the goal to reform the free jazz concept with the elements of metal and experimental music, putting an emphasis on beauty and coherence. The band operates with made-up titles in order to avoid any influence on your interpretation of their music.

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