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JAODAE Announce New Album Nest Of Veins, Release First Single!

Progressive. Heavy. Instrumental. Words that conjure an image, a sound, a band. But on first listen to JAODAE’s new album Nest of Veins, words disintegrate to make way for something wholly original and totally unexpected.

Today, Jaodae has offered up the first single from their upcoming opus, "Tree of Ténéré." The band comments: “Sometimes you’re stewing on a song and don’t even know it. The ending melody had been in my head for years, and once I put it “on paper” so to speak and shared it with Rob, the song was made quickly, easily. Sometimes a song makes sense right away, and after writing several tracks for the album already, I think we owe a lot of what makes this track great to a kind of flow we were having at the time. It encapsulates our sound - and the album - perfectly. Never been more excited to share something."Pulling from countless influences, JAODAE took the sound of their diverse debut Cast in Ash and disassembled, sorted and reforged it into a cohesive freight train of polyrhythms, melodies and, most importantly, riffs. This has culminated in the expansive new opus from the band. Nest of Veins is due out July 7th via Black Throne Productions. Pre-orders are available HERE.

“It’s more about feel or flow than it is about a sub-genre,” says drummer Spencer Robson. “It’s something that only comes from a killer creative partnership. We don’t share a lot of musical tastes, but we deeply respect each other, so we’re challenging ourselves in an open, creative environment. It’s kind of the best case scenario for writing music, because when we’re locked in, we’re not emulating other bands. What comes out, comes out.”

“As an instrumental band, our main goal is to make music that is exciting to play and listen back to,” says Roberto Ercoli, guitarist and producer for the band, “and I believe this LP ticks all the boxes. Without a vocalist, the big challenge is to write melody and structure that engages the listener as much as a vocalist does. We’ve been meticulous about crafting a soundscape that hooks you immediately and makes you want to keep coming back for more.”

From the album’s twisting and constricting opener “Lobotomite”, through the nauseating twists and turns of the title track and headfirst into the beating heart of the closer “Tree of Ténéré”, Nest of Vein’s impact is less of an album and more of an odyssey.

Founded in 2016, JAODAE compose with a diverse musical palate drawing inspiration from multiple genres to bring a distinctive edge to their sound. Their intricate song structures are peppered with soaring melodies and crushing breakdowns. Nest of Veins journeys through melodic ebbs and flows, accompanied with an intense heaviness. Following their debut album Cast In Ash, released in 2019, and their 2023 EP Chimera, Nest of Veins marks a new chapter.

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