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  • Jason Hesley

Italian post-black metal band Die Sünde announce their new album »Strega«

Padua, Italy based post-black metal band Die Sünde announce their new album, »Strega«, scheduled for release on October 14th, 2022 via Drown Within Records (Italy), Ripcord Records (UK) and Violence In The Veins (Spain).

Tracklist: 01. Strega

Die Sünde band formed in 2018, with members coming from different musical backgrounds (post-hardcore, post-metal, stoner-doom, and post-rock). Our sound is the result of picking little aspects of our influences, from black metal to posthardcore, mixing them, and creating a personal sound without going out of track with our context. The lyrics and the music are the representation of the “worst”: the worst feeling, the worst situation, where you don’t recognize yourself anymore, and where the pain is bigger than the anger itself. In October 2022 is expected the release of a new work. The sound of a rite, the evocation of an entity that drives through purification, that leads to a new beginning for a depleted humanity…this is »Strega«.

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