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  • Jason Hesley

Introducing Black metal band, "Heruka"

HERUKA: new record coming and line-up changes

After two years from the release of “No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows”, the Italian Black Metal band HERUKA announces a brand new album coming this year.

Once again the band and Rude Awakening Records will work together to publish “Memorie”: third full length by Heruka and entirely sung in Italian as it happened for the early releases, the album’s chosen thread is the exploration of the multiple states of mind linked to the inconsistency of human life and the need to put an end to it.


1. Intro 2. Presagi 3. Ad un Passo 4. Memorie 5. Indarno 6. Vegetale 7. Inutile Attesa 8. Anossia 9. Criogenesi 10. Passacaglia

Autumn 2021 is time for another major change: Moha switches from bass to guitar and the band welcomes Cruz on the bass. In over twenty years of existence, Heruka is now a five-piece band for the first time.

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