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  • Jason Hesley

INTÖXICATED Unleashes 'Sadistic Night' Lyric Video!

The intoxicating surge of northern German rockers INTÖXICATED continues to spread as they ride the wave of their new album, "Sadistic Nightmares". Their gritty blend of rock 'n' roll, speed, and thrash has indeed electrified listeners, as evidenced by the copious positive feedback and top ratings flooding in from the press.

Living up to their reputation for keeping fans on their toes, the band has now unveiled the lyric video for their stand-out track, "Sadistic Night". This sizzling new visual experience allows fans to dive deeper into the raw intensity and dynamic rhythm that INTÖXICATED delivers. The lyric video is now available on the MDD YouTube channel - a must-see for all thrill-seeking rock and metal fans.

The "Sadistic Nightmares" album continues to be available as a CD or in a bundle at MDD in the mailorder.

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