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  • Jason Hesley

Instrumental Extremists EPOCH CRYSIS Announce Remastered February Reissue of Debut Album Rex!

Progressive instrumental extremists EPOCH CRYSIS are proud to announce the re-release of 2011 full-length debut album Rex. The remastered album will be released on February 20.

Album track "Routine Glory" is streaming now at:

The EPOCH CRYSIS story begins in 2001 in Moscow, Russia. Originally created as an experimental studio instrumental project, EPOCH CRYSIS consistently surprised even the most experienced connoisseurs of extreme metal subgenres.

In 2015 EPOCH CRYSIS experienced a rebirth with the help of guitarist Andrey Gostyukhin. During the same period the band recorded vocals for some tracks that had already experienced a "second birth" as full songs.

In the near future the group will complete the rewriting of these tracks and compose new songs.


Track Listing:

1. Symphony of Ten Planets - Mars

2. Routine Glory

3. Prehistoric Sun

4. Climate of Fear

5. The Incredible Adventures of Whitley Strieber

6. Moon Generation

7. Broken Heart and Guillotine

8. Ablaze Within

9. Dead Rule The World

10. Forbidden History

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