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  • Jason Hesley

Insanity Alert Honor Queen with New Single!

Some metalheads are sticklers for the rules, but no cow is too sacred for Insanity Alert. On their new EP, the Austrian pranksters tear through a four-pack of familiar classics. But while the first single from Moshemian Thrashody yanked the chain of a saxy pop icon, the title track crashes classic rock's night at the opera with a whole clown car full of crossover thrash hijinks.  

Watch the hi(gh)larious video for "Moshemian Thrashody":

Moshemian Thrashody comes out May 17 on Season of Mist.

For Insanity Alert, spoofing "Bohemian Rhapsody" is like bagging a white whale. Scan to any classic rock station and you'll be hard-pressed to find another song that combines balladry bombast, vocal theatrics and arena rock fist pumps with the fatalism of a French novel.

"We think of 'Moshemian Thrashody' as a tribute to the greatness of the original", says Heavy Kevy, the band's moshpit maestro. "Mixing a song that's as over-the-top as 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with our blend of speed, fun and brutal weirdness just feels right". 

If you're coming for Queen, then you best not miss. After all, who hasn't suffered some tone-deaf soul doing the Fandango during bar karaoke? Of course, Insanity Alert check all the necessary boxes. Maybe those leather pants are a pinch tight, but the Wayne's World cosplay is a fitting homage.

But the band hit all the right notes, too. The riffs thrash. The D-beats chug. As if by some especially potent magic mushroom, Galileo is transformed into Ronnie James Dio. Heck, the guys even manage to keep a straight face long enough for the squeaky-clean a cappella parts.   

"So you think I'm a stoner that never complies?", Heavy Kevy spits as if shooting a snot rocket. Now, that's not far from the truth. But everybody knows that thrashers do it better. Amidst double bass flurries that pop like fireworks, Dave of Death launches into a climactic guitar solo with the reckless abandon of doing a keg stand in the mosh pit. 

On "Moshemian Thrashody", Insanity Alert go anywhere the weed blows.

The video for "Moshemian Thrashody" was produced, filmed and edited by Max "Mugs" Raggl in Innsbruck, Austria ( ). 

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