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  • Jason Hesley

In Sϕnder to release Evenpath on January 30th!

IN SΦNDER are bursting into 2024 with the new offering "Evenpath". The melancholic yet compelling ballad-esque track entwines the quartet's diverse style of riffs, electronics and vocal harmonies into a haunting, textural and catchy sound. 

Fletch comments: 

"'Evenpath' is our third single from our upcoming EP Rumination Theory. The goal was to write something a bit melancholy and ballad like but without losing the fun synths, interesting riffs and diverse ideas that we're known for! It's actually been a bit of a running joke that since our CURSE OF DAWN days we've been able to happily write most things, but our attempts at ballads have always been very meh. It's certainly given us a new appreciation for bands/songs in that style!  

It was actually written before the formation of IN SΦNDER when we'd been hoping to get a new project together but weren't sure what that would look like in terms of lineup. Initially there were some concerns that this might be too different to the new ‘cyber metal’ direction, but I've always been super passionate about it and fortunately the others agreed once I'd finished mocking up a new enhanced version!"

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