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  • Jason Hesley

IN SΦNDER Announce Single "Damage Control"

IN SΦNDER are preparing to unleash their new single "Damage Control" on June 21st, 2023. The cyber metal outfit hailing from Chester, England, made their debut with their first single "Quintessence" at the beginning of this year. "Damage Control" now reveals another side to their sound.

“We have no intention of slowing down and that is evident in our next single, 'Damage Control'! The driving drums paired with heavy guitars and roaring synths maintain the consistent pace of the song, while alleviating only enough to showcase the soaring female vocals. Melancholic verses and tense choruses are flanked by heavy riffs, blazing keyboards and harsh vocals high and low. We’re all proud of this one, it’s a real pulse-pounder, from start to finish!” - Jonny Young


Based in Chester, England, IN SΦNDER is comprised of former members of the symphonic metal band CURSE OF DAWN, and current members of DISCONNECTED SOULS and FIGHT THE TORNADO. "Damage Control" is the band's second single in this incarnation and lands ahead of their forthcoming debut EP.

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