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  • Jason Hesley

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN ‘Unite And Conquer’ Out Now!

IMMORTAL GUARDIAN have been building awareness and anticipation towards a full album by releasing new songs digitally alongside some great music videos every few months. Today that all culminates in the release of their stellar new album ‘Unite And Conquer.’ A masterclass of progressive and power metal, full of shredding guitar and keyboard interplay (played simultaneously by the gifted Gabriel Guardian) as well as an array of vocal acrobatics from Brazilian-born Carlos Zema who seamlessly graces us with a traditional melodic timbre while at others experimenting with harsher heavy singing as well as higher pitched screams.

Since spring 2022 fans of the band have enjoyed the development and creativity of the album’s content and evolvement as the self-labeled ‘super metal’ group shared their progress building the concept and final work – the 10-song album ‘Unite and Conquer.’ In stores and online today in the US and Canada, as well as Asia via a licensing deal with Ward Records, followed Dec. 1st on a new deal for European release through Massacre Records. Domestic copies are available on jewelcase CD, as well as colored vinyl options including the red/black splatter and the exclusive 100 copies on bone/black vinyl only available from our webstore and Bandcamp. Check out the link here for ordering or digital options HERE

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