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  • Jason Hesley

Im Herbst unserer Kindheit will self-release their thoughtful single & video, "Lamentation"

Im Herbst unserer Kindheit, hailing from Germany, is set to release their new single & video, "Lamentation," on the 22nd of September, 2023. This self-released digital piece delves into themes of humanity’s disregard for nature and the ensuing destruction, reflecting the essence of Black Metal, Death Metal, and Pagan Metal. The lyric video, shot on the serene Senja island in North Norway, serves as a visual complement to the music. "Lamentation" is a precursor to the artist’s third album, anticipated in 2024, showcasing the multi-instrumental prowess of Tobias Serfling, who has recorded, mixed, and mastered the track in his own studio.

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